Everyone Needs A Coach

Everyone faces challenges for which they are not adequately prepared at some point in life: an executive leadership position, a career change or retirement, a creative block, difficulties forming or sustaining a romantic relationship, the complexities of parenting, divorce, or disability.

We usually expect ourselves to just do whatever needs to be done, on our own. That attitude often leads to unanticipated hardships and difficulties, which could be avoided by seeking the appropriate counsel. Coaching can help us discover our own strengths, find our own unique paths and develop the self-knowledge, fresh perspectives, and resilience necessary to enhance our intimate, emotional, creative and professional lives.

Even the strongest leader needs a sounding board, the freedom to express doubt or anxiety without fear of repercussions. Even the strongest leader needs positive reinforcement, a "congratulations" for navigating a difficult situation that no one else even knew you were concerned about. Even the strongest leader needs a coach, someone to help hone their skills and provide tough critique when necessary. Everyone needs a fresh perspective.

Collaborative conversation with someone who has experience with these situations, along with the processes and outlooks required to navigate them successfully, can make the difference between frustration and mastery. An experienced coach facilitates development of the attitudes, abilities, and increased self awareness needed to turn even apparent failure into opportunity.

Over 50 years as a psychotherapist working with adults, children, families and couples provide me with a unique background and skill set. Though coaching is not designed to address mental health issues, this experience has given me an understanding of the full range of human behavior. Having served as a mental health consultant for schools and as assistant professor teaching child psychology, I also have the in-depth knowledge of child development necessary to provide effective parent coaching.